Gejiu Shopping

Gejiu is famous as tin capital of China and the earliest tin production base in the world. Gejiu shopping includes what local specialty you can buy and Where you can buy these specialties in Gejiu. If you travel around Gejiu, do not forget to buy some local specialties as souvenirs.

What to Buy in Gejiu

1. Gejiu Tin Crafts个旧锡工艺品

Gejiu tin crafts are the traditional handicraft products of Yunnan. The main raw material of these products is high purity tin produced in Gejiu, which is made by melting, pressing, shaping, polishing, assembling and polishing, then carved with landscapes, flowers, birds, animals and other patterns that are rich in ethnic features.

2. Kusnezoff Monkshood大草乌

As early as the mid-1990s, Xicheng Town锡城镇 carried out artificial cultivation experiments on the wild herb of kusnezoff monkshood, which was successfully developed and planted in southern mountainous areas year by year. Kusnezoff monkshood not only became a preponderant local medicinal product in Gejiu, but also became a agricultural pillar industry in Gejiu.

3. Potatoes

Potato has been cultivated for many years in the mountainous area of Gejiu, and the production area is mainly distributed in the cold and cool mountain area with the altitude of 1800 meters to 2200 meters such as Kafang, Jiasha and Laochang of Gejiu. Potato planting has become the main way for farmers to increase their income and become rich in the mountain area of south Gejiu.

4. Soaking Pear水泡梨

Soaking pears are made from astringent pears picked in the mountains, after washing the pears, soaking them with Chinese herbal medicine. It is with even fruit, thin skin, thick fresh and sweet taste. The most important thing is that soaking pears have the effect of clearing the lungs and suppressing fire, so they are favored by Gejiu people.

5. Lusha Pear鲁沙梨

Baiyun mountain of Gejiu is the planting and development base of Lusha pear. the pear is characterized by big size, sweet taste and washiness. It is one of the famous fruits in Gejiu and has been loved by consumers for a long time. It is ripe in September.

Where to Buy in Gejiu

1. Li Shui Jin Wan Shopping Center丽水金湾购物中心

Address: No.9, Zhongshan Road, Gejiu City个旧市中山路9号

Tel: 0873-2197219

2. Railway Station Shopping Mall火车站商场

Address: No.73. Jinhu South Road, Gejiu City个旧市金湖南路73

Tel: 18687386326

3. Yunxi Xieda Shopping Mall云锡协达商城

Address: No.33, Xinguan Road, Gejiu个旧市新冠路33号