Gengma County Administrative Divisions

Gengma Dai and Wa Autonomous County(耿马傣族佤族自治县) administers 4 towns, 5 townships and 3 farms.

4 towns: Gengma Town(耿马镇), Mengyong Town(勐永镇), Mengsa Town(勐撒镇), Mengding(孟定镇).

5 townships: Daxing Township(大兴乡), Sipaishan Township(四排山乡), Hepai Township(贺派乡), Mengjian Township(勐简乡), Manghong Lahu and Bulang Ethnic Town(芒洪拉祜族布朗族乡).

3 farms: Overseas Chinese Farm(耿马华侨农场), Mengsa Farm(勐撒农场) and Mengding Farm(孟定农场).

Among them, Mengding Town is the one and only vice-county level town in Yunnan Province, the national class-one open port. Gengma county is further divided into 3 communities and 82 villages.