Gengma County Dining

There are many ethnic groups in Gengma county, so food is rich and unique. The Dai and Wa dishes are the representatives in Gengma county. Staple food of Dai and Wa is mainly rice. Raw, fresh, sour, spicy and wild are the characteristics of Dai cuisine. Wa people eat simply, Mashed Rice is commonly eaten. 

1. Chicken Mashed Rice(鸡肉烂饭)

This special rice food is a great Wa specialty for welcoming distinguished guests. chopped black-bone chicken and rice cook together, then putting in other ingredients like fennel, green pepper and mint etc.

2. Gengma Haobeng(耿马毫崩)

It is a special snack of Gengma county. Haobeng, in other word, is fried crunchy rice candy.

3. Gengma Dai Flavor(耿马傣味)

The Dai diet is unique and distinctive. In people's mind, sour is often associated with the Dai people, Sour has become the eating habit of Dai. This is where the name “Suanbaiyi(酸摆夷)" comes from.

4. Sticky Rice

Dai people love sticky rice. When going to work, they carry with sticky rice, pepper, sour meat, salt, that can be a meal.

More feature food like bamboo rice, sour meat, sour bamboo shoot, pickled sour fish, pineapple purple rice and so on.

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