Gengma County Shopping

In Gengma county, the climate is subtropical monsoon climate of South Asia, which is good for plants to grow. Banana, natural rubber, tea, sugarcane and grain are in good quality and high output. Besides, 23 ethnic minorities are on this land, buying some handcrafts as souvenirs is not a bad idea. 

1. Gengma Banana

Gengma banana is a specialty of Gengma County. With abundant sunshine and heat resources, Banana is of good quality and good prospect.

2. Gengma Sugarcane(耿马蔗糖)

Gengma Dai and Yi Autonomous County is one of the important sugar base counties in China and the largest sugar production county in Yunnan province.

3. Gengma Steamed  Enzyme Tea(耿马蒸酶茶)

It is a healthy drink and famous in Gengma area. It is made of big leaf tea.

4. Handmade Paper of Dai(傣族手工纸)

Developed from the traditional Chinese paper making technique, handmade paper of Dai has a long history. The handmade paper in Mangtuan village,Gengma County, is national intangible cultural heritage.

5. Mengyong Clay Pot(勐永土锅)

It is the specialty of Mengyong town in Gengma county. Mengyong clay pot is made of  local earth material. Traditional technique is shaped by hand, and then burn with straw.

6. Embroidered Shoes

Dai embroidered shoes are the artistic creation of Dai women in daily life. There are hundreds of patterns that are alternative.

Shopping Malls

1. Sangjiang Shopping Mall(三江购物广场)

Address: Zhongmian Road, Mengding Town, Gengma County(耿马县孟定镇中缅路)

2. Zhongxin Shopping Mall(中信购物广场)

Address: Zhenxin Road, Gengma Town, Gengma County(耿马县耿马镇震新路)

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