Gengma County Travel Tips

Here are some travel tips you may interest when you plan a trip to Gengma County.

Useful Numbers

Fire: 119

Police: 110

Ambulance: 120

Weather Forecast: 121

Taxi number :4214444

Consumer Complaint: 12315

Telephone Number Inquiry: 114

Tourist Complaint: 0883-6121425


1. Dressing: Large difference temperature between day and night, it is easy to catch a cold. Keep warm and avoid catching cold.

2. Sunscreen: When it rains, ultraviolet ray is weak; while sunny days, ultraviolet ray is strong, wearing sun cream, wearing a hat or a thin long-sleeve coat is necessary.

3. Safety: There are numerous mountain in Gengma county, it's good for people who love climbing and hiking. However, during rainy season, it is prone to natural disasters. You'd better not hike on rainy days.

4. Best time to visit: Subtropical monsoon climate of South Asia, it's hot and rainy in Summer, mild and less rain in winter. Depending on personal preference, you prefer rainy or sunny. Ethnic festivals mainly focus on April to October.


1. Gengma Branch of Construction Bank of China(建行耿马支行)

Address: Zhenxin Road, Gengma Town, Gengma County(耿马县耿马镇震新路)

2. Gengma Branch of Agricultural Bank of China(中国农业银行)

Address: Zhenxin Road, Gengma Town, Gengma County(耿马县耿马镇震新路)/Gamengzhao Road, Mengding Town, Gengma County(耿马县孟定镇嘎孟召路)

Post Offices

1. Post Office of Gengma County(耿马县邮政局营业厅)

Address: No.52 Park Road, Gengma County, Gengma County, Lincang(临沧市耿马镇公园路52号)

Tel: 0883-6122403

2. Mengding Post Office(孟定营业所)

Address: South Road, Mengding Town, Gengma County(耿马县孟定镇南大路)

Tel: 0883-6516602

3. Zhenxin Road Post Office(震新路营业厅)

Address: Zhenxin Road, Gengma Town(耿马镇震新路)


1. People's Hospital of Gengma County

Address: No.20 on Zhenxin Road, Gengma County(耿马县耿马镇震新路20号)

Tel:  0883-6121313

2. Chinese Medicine Hospital of Gengma County

Address: The northern side of Park Road, Gengma Town, Gengma County(耿马县耿马镇公园路北侧)

Tel: 0883-61213145

3. Maternal and Child Health Care Hospital of Gengma County

Address: Gengma Avenue, Gengma Town, Gengma County(耿马县耿马大街)

Tel: 0883-6121762

Book Shops

1. Xinhua Book Store(新华书店)

Address: Zhenxin Road, Gengma Town(耿马县耿马镇震新路)

2. Wenbao Book Shop(文宝书行)

Address: Qingnian Road, Gengma Town, Gengma County(耿马县耿马镇青年路)