Gongshan County Shopping

Gongshan county is a multi-culture city with many ethnic minority groups, including the Dulong, Nu, Bai and Naxi etc. They live together harmoniously and retain their cultural legacy and life practices. When you travel to Gongshan, you can buy the local mushrooms, herbs, and other products include: truffles, chestnuts, etc., other specialties of Gongshan include: Dulong cow herding and hand-made textile.

Dulong Carpet   独龙毯

Dulong carpet is a handcraft made by Dulong women. The raw materials are wild hemp and home-planted hemp. People twist the hemp into strings and dye them with different colors liquid, which are made of various plants. Dulong carpet is durable and rain-proof, which can also be used as mat or quilt. To make an elegant Dulong carpet needs more than ten processes including peeling hemp, spinning, design, making woofs and leading abb etc., and they need various tools to finish these processes. Nowadays, it is a kind of traditional costume for Dulong people to wear a piece of elegant Dulong carpet. The handcraft carpet may be very expensive.

Honey 蜂蜜

The locals consume wild honey collected from wild bees. It is delicious and very very nutritious. The villages are full of peach trees and many other wild flowers.

Dulong Cow 独龙牛

Dulong Cow is a wild cow living in Nulong Valley and many of the connected hills extended to Bingzhongluo. The meat can be consumed as sashimi and extremely tender.

Hand-made Textile 手工纺织品

The Dulong, Nu and Lisu all have their specialty weaving patterns and skills. The weaving culture is very much alive among the female villagers.

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