Guangnan County Dining

There are many delicious foods in Guangnan county, with the combination of local products and wisdom of local people. Famous local snacks include Pretzels(椒盐卷饼), Baked Wheat Cake( 烧饼) Fried Tsamba. You can sample these snacks at most small restaurants in Guangnan . Famous dishes are Braised Chicken with Sanqi cooked in a vapor pot and Lotus Leaf Porridge is famous. Besides, Bahang Chicken(岜夯鸡) and Hummus Meat (豆沙肉) have a good reputation, five-color glutinous rice (花糯饭), Bean Tsamba(糍粑), Zongzi(粽子), Bian rice(扁米), Hongtuan(红团) enjoy unique flavor.

Bahang Chicken 岜夯鸡

Bahang Chicken (岜夯鸡) is a local dish in Guangnan county, “Bahang”  is the Zhuang language, which means cooking chicken with sour-soup. The recipe for Bahang Chicken is refined, elegant and the condiments is various.

Zhuangs Five-color Glutinous Rice 壮家花糯米

Zhuangs take paddy rice as the staple food. They are good at making glutinous food, among which five-color glutinous rice, puffed rice candy, and Kaofang (big glutinous dumpling) are delicacies in festive occasions. The colorful rice is dyed with the extract of plants with different colors, and then cooked. The glutinous dumpling has many varieties, and is big in size. It usually weighs about 1 kg each, in the shape of a pillow.

Hummus Meat 豆沙肉

Hummus Meat(豆沙肉) is also a  local special dish in Guangnan county. This dish uses carefully produced red bean paste, meat, and rice. The dish enjoys translucent color, sweet taste, fat but not greasy, fat and tender and delicious.

Daisy Duck 菊花鸭

Cooking duck with daisy, combined with the seasoning, garnish. The meat is delicate and the soup is fresh and sweet.

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