Haba Snow Mountain Accommodation

Haba Snow Mountain Accommodation and Hotels Booking introduces the recommended hostels around Haba Snow Mountain, which solves the problem-where to stay. There are not many accommodation choices around Haba Snow Mountain. Before you start trekking, the guesthouses in Haba Village seems to be the only and the best option for you. Most of guesthouses provide equipment for climbing. After getting to the Base Camp, at the hillside nearly at an altitude of 4,200 meters, it’s better for you to spend one night there. It’s an important landmark of Haba Snow Mountain and a relatively good place for a rest. You can pitch a rent if there is no available room as it’ s the only lodging place on the halfway. Yunnan Exploration collects some hotels listed below and provides hotel reservation service for you.

Hotels around Haba Snow Mountain

  • Shangri-La Haba Snow Mountain Yunshang Haba Inn(香格里拉哈巴雪山云上哈巴客栈)
    Add: No. 14 Longwangbianshe, Haba Village, Sanba Township, Shangri-La City
    Tel: 13988716224
  • Haba Longmen Inn(哈巴龙门客栈)
    Add: Around East Line, Shangri-La City
    Tel: /
  • Shangri-La Haba Snow Mountain Haosi Post House(香格里拉哈巴雪山好四驿站)
    Add: No. 24, Yinshan Group, Haba Village
    Tel: 18608872938
  • Haba Snow Mountain Base Camp Guesthouse(哈巴雪山大本营客栈)
    Add: Shangri-La, Diqing
    Tel: /
  • Haba Summit Inn of Haba Snow Mountain(哈巴云端客栈)
    Add: Haba Village at the foot of Haba Snow Mountain
    Tel: /
  • Kaka Guesthouse(哈巴村卡卡客栈)
    Add: Haba Village, Shangri-La
    Tel: /
  • Haba Snow Mountain International Youth Hostel(哈巴雪山国际青年旅舍)
    Add: Haba Village, Shangri-La
    Tel: /