Haba Snow Mountain Dining

Haba Snow Mountain Dining shows you food culture and food information in Haba Snow Mountain of Yunnan, which can solve the problems- what to eat and where to eat in Haba Snow Mountain. Most of the guesthouses in Haba Village provide local food for backpackers. Besides, You can take some food at only the Guesthouse around the Base Camp (4,200m). Please note it provides Muslim food without pork. Other than the impressive range of locally gathered wild mushrooms, there is a definite shortage of culinary variety in this town. The staple food is often baba or flatbread rather than rice, and you may be offered Tibetan-style buttered tea, which is an acquired taste by all tourists. The saving grace is that all food available is locally produced and is completely free of agricultural chemicals.

What to Eat Around Haba Snow Mountain

Naxi Barbecue(纳西烤肉)

Naxi barbecue is a traditional caravan dish popular in Lijiang Ancient Tea Horse Road. The main ingredient is streaky pork. The skin is golden and crisp, fat but not greasy, and the taste is crisp.

Lijiang Baba(丽江粑粑)

Lijiang Baba is the Naxi nationality unique flavor of food, has a long history, the Ming Dynasty " the travels of Xu Xiake " that is recorded. It is one of the characteristics of color, smell and taste, its production is the main raw material in Lijiang produced fine wheat flour. Lijiang Baba is divided into salty sweet two kinds, according to their own tastes to arbitrary selection. Its golden color, fragrance, taste crisp and delicious, some add drink butter tea, also have a boundless good flavor.

Yak Butter Tea(酥油茶)

Yak butter tea is a necessary drink around Haba Snow Mountain. It is often served with Zanba and other staple food. If you drink the tea alone, you will be easy to get hungry. Buttered tea is the best beverage around Haba Snow Mountain area because of its high quantity of heat.

Highland Barley Wine(青稞酒)

Highland Barley wine is made from alpine spring and plateau barley. It is rich in the fragrance of highland barley wine and it is a kind of wine that is loved by the local people in Tiger Leaping Gorge.

Where to Eat Around Haba Snow Mountain

It is not easy to find a restaurant around Haba Snow Mountain, maybe you can only find a restaurant in East Ring Line. In general, the hostels around Haba Snow Mountain can provide the food, which are the best places to solve the problems where to Eat. 

Restaurant and Hostels Around Haba Snow Mountain

  • Haba Snow Mountain Halal Restaurant(哈巴雪山清真饭店)
    Add: East Ring Line, Shangri-La City, Diqing Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, Yunnan Province(云南省迪庆藏族自治州香格里拉市东环线)
    Tel: 15184999101
  • Shangri-La Haba Snow Mountain Yunshang Haba Inn(香格里拉哈巴雪山云上哈巴客栈)
    Add: No. 14 Longwangbianshe, Haba Village, Sanba Township, Shangri-La City
    Tel: 13988716224
  • Haba Longmen Inn(哈巴龙门客栈)
    Add: Around East Line, Shangri-La City
    Tel: /
  • Shangri-La Haba Snow Mountain Haosi Post House(香格里拉哈巴雪山好四驿站)
    Add: No. 24, Yinshan Group, Haba Village
    Tel: 18608872938
  • Haba Snow Mountain Base Camp Guesthouse(哈巴雪山大本营客栈)
    Add: Shangri-La, Diqing
    Tel: /
  • Haba Summit Inn of Haba Snow Mountain(哈巴云端客栈)
    Add: Haba Village at the foot of Haba Snow Mountain
    Tel: /
  • Kaka Guesthouse(哈巴村卡卡客栈)
    Add: Haba Village, Shangri-La
    Tel: /
  • Haba Snow Mountain International Youth Hostel(哈巴雪山国际青年旅舍)
    Add: Haba Village, Shangri-La
    Tel: /

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