Honghe County Dining

There are some local specialties you must taste when you are traveling in Honghe County. In this part, we will introduce some local specialties and where you can get them in Honghe County.

What to Eat in Honghe County

1. Honghe Mango

There is a native mango growing in the Dai villages along the Menglong River(勐龙河). Every May and June, it is the ripening season of Mango. Dai people take it to the county seat, Yisa Town, for sale. It is a good gift for friends.

2. Kudzu-vine Root 葛根粉

Honghe produce kudzu-vine of high quality, which earned quality tourism product in 2008. Kudzu-vine root mainly eats its tuber, which can be eaten raw or cooked. It has the function of clearing heat and removing toxicity.

3. Hani Zhanshui哈尼蘸水

Zhanshui is the seasoning of cooked food at table. Usually, it is a table of food with a bowl of Zhanshui. However, almost every dish has a bowl of Zhanshui at the table of Honghe County. Hani Zhanshui is diverse and tastes different, like Chicken Zhanshui, its main ingredients are Piecai Root(苤菜根), cooked egg and garlic; Beef Zhanshui, its main ingredients are mint and sweet willow(香柳); Greens Zhanshui, its main ingredients are fermented soya beans of Hani and ginger.

4. Yisa Rice Roll迤萨凉卷粉

Yisa Rice Roll is made by artificial steaming rice pulp, which is made from milled rice and red rice. It is very particular about seasonings, chilli oil, sesame, ginger and garlic are essential.

Where to Eat in Honghe County

1. Yegeng Restaurant叶根酒家

Address: Lianhua Avenue, Honghe County红河县莲花大道

Tel: 0873-4623969

Specialty: Hani Zhanshui Chicken哈尼蘸水鸡 and various edible wild herbs.

Per Capita Consumption: 20 yuan

2. Braised Duck Restaurant焖鸭汤锅店

Address: Dongmen Street, Honghe County红河县东门街

Tel: 13577303097

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