Honghe County Shopping

Honghe County shopping includes what local specialty you can buy and Where to buy in Honghe County. If you travel around Honghe County, do not forget to bring some local food for your friends and your relatives.

What to Buy in Honghe County

1. Small mango小芒果

There is a native mango growing in the Dai villages along the Menglong River(勐龙河). Every May and June, it is the ripening season of Mango. Dai people take it to the county seat, Yisa Town, for sale. It is a good gift for friends.

2. Kudzu-vine Root葛根粉

Honghe produce kudzu-vine of high quality, which earned quality tourism product in 2008. Kudzu-vine root mainly eats its tuber, which can be eaten raw or cooked. It has the function of clearing heat and removing toxicity.

3. Nadao Chilli那刀辣

It is originally produced in Nadao Village, Niujie Town, but Honghe County also produces now. It has the characteristics of golden color and high oil. The price is different, and you can buy at the local farmer's market.

4. Cured Yellow Cattle Beef黄牛干巴

Choose yellow cattle beef of high quality and pickle with Chinese red pepper, chilli and salt, etc.

Yisa Cured Beef Shop迤萨干巴店

Address: Paoma New Street, Yisa Town迤萨镇跑马新街

Tel: 0873-4622131

Where to Buy in Honghe County

1. Meizi Local Specialty Shop美滋土特产店

Address: Dazhai Road, Yisa Town迤萨镇大寨路口

Tel: 0873-4623116

2. Qian Hong Wan Er Tea Shop千红万洱茶庄

Address: Lianhua Road, Honghe County红河县莲花路

Tel: 0873-4621252

3. Minmao Shopping Mall红河民贸商城

Address: The Crossroad of Dongxing Street and Shuixiaojing Road, Honghe County红河县东兴街与水硝井路交叉口

4. Lianhua Shopping Mall莲花商贸城

Address: Lianhua Avenue, Yisa Town, Honghe County红河县迤萨镇莲花大道

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