Honghe County Transportation

Honghe County is located in the south of Yunnan, the middle reach of Honghe River. Its county seat is Yisa Town, 286 kilometers away from Kunming. In 2016, Honghe county had a total highway length of 1194.071 kilometers, including 76.18 kilometers of provincial road, 454.056 kilometers of county road, 588.771 kilometers of township road and 75.064 kilometers of village road.

How to Get in Honghe County

You have two ways to get to Honghe county. One is long-distance bus, the other one is train.

1. Long-distance Bus

You can arrive Honghe County directly from Kunming South Bus Station. You will spend about 5 hours on this journey.

a. Honghe Bus Terminal红河汽车客运站

Address: Lianhua Road, Yisa Town, Honghe County红河县迤萨镇莲花路

Tel: 0873-4621341

b. Baohua Bus Terminal宝华客运站

Address: Baohua Township, Honghe County红河县宝华乡

Kunming-Yuanyang-Honghe County

The distance between Kunming and Yuanyang Xinjie Bus Terminal is 363 kilometers, departing from Kunming South Station, it takes about 5 hours and a half. Buses are not many, and ticket price is 140 yuan. Then starting from Yuanyang Xinjie Bus Terminal, it takes about 2 hours to Honghe Bus terminal.

Kunming-Jianshui-Honghe county

Departing from Kunming South Station, it takes 3 hours from Kunming to Jianshui. Buses are many, and ticket price is different from 60 to 83 yuan. Then you will spend 2 hours and a half from Jianshui Bus Terminal to Hognhe Bus Terminal.

2. Train

There is no railway station in Honghe county, you can’t reach to Honghe County directly by train. If you want to take train, you should transfer in Jianshui County. You can take train from Kunming to Jianshui Station, and then take long-distance bus to Honghe County. It takes about 3 hours from Kunming to Jianshui by train, and 2 hours and a half from Jianshui Bus Terminal to Hognhe County.

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3. Airplane

At present, there is no airport in Honghe County, you can't go to Honghe County by plane. Mengzi airport, Mile airport and Yuanyang airport in Hong Prefecture are under plan and construction.

How to Get around Honghe County

1. Taxi

Taxi is always the most convenient vehicle to get around a place.

2. Regular Bus

There are regular buses between some town and townships in Honghe County.

3. Minibus

For those places where taxi and regular bus are not available, such as some villages. Minibus is not a bad choice. People who drive minibus are usually waiting at the exit of bus terminal. Usually, the minibus will take you anywhere you want to go in a short distance, and the price is cheap.