Huaning County Administrative Divisions

The jurisdiction of Huaning is over 1 subdistrict, 1 ethnic town, and 2 towns.

Ningzhou Sub-district(宁州街道办事处), Panxi town(盘溪镇), Qinglong town(青龙镇), Tonghongdian Yi and Miao township(通红甸彝族苗族乡).

Traditional Ethnic Villages

There are 5 ethnic villages in Huaning County, which are Wanyao Village of Ningzhou Subdistrict in Huaning County, Yuxi(玉溪市华宁县宁州街道办事处碗窑村), Baokang Village of Qinglong Town in Huaning County, Yuxi(玉溪市华宁县青龙镇落梅村委会来保康村), Chongmai Village of Ningzhou Sub-district in Huashan County, Yuxi(玉溪市华宁县宁州街道办事处冲麦村委会冲麦村), Haijing Village of Qinglong Town in Huaning County, Yuxi(玉溪市华宁县青龙镇海镜村), Tuozhuo Village of Huaxi Town in Huaning County, Yuxi(玉溪市华宁县华溪镇上拖卓村).

Ethnic Town

There is 1 ethnic town, Tonghongdian Yi and Miao Ethnic Town of Huaning County in Yuxi(华宁县通红甸彝族苗族乡).