Huaning County Shopping

Huaning county is rich in local products, you can buy all kinds of native specialties like chinese chestnut, Huanning oranges,  local sausage, Huaning ceramics and so on, and you can find these specialties in those local markets in yimen county. Usually, markets in towns and townships are opened three days a time, and markets in the county seat are opened everyday.  Some local products are listed as follow:

What to Buy in Huaning County

Huaning Orange(华宁柑桔)

Huaning has the reputation of “Orange Township”. Anyone who has been to Huaning will be intoxicated by the scene of the orange blossom and the golden orange garden. Huaning orange is the earliest mature citrus in the country. The fruit is good, not only the color, aroma and taste, but also the juicy and refreshing taste. It is rich in vitamins and trace elements.

Huaning Earthenware(华宁土陶)

As early as in 600 years ago, a man named Che Peng who came from Jingdezhen started earthenware business in Huaning county. In the county, the special soil was the perfect material for earthenware making. After a long process of developing, Huaning earthenware has been known to all. Today, Huaning earthenware is no longer article for everyday use only, it is used in every aspect in our life. 

Where to Buy in Huaning County

You can go shopping in the local shops and markets to buy them.

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