Huaning County Tours Packages

When you traveling Yuxi, Huaning county is a good place to be put on your list. It can be joined in whatever your Yuxi tour or Yunnan Tour. There are some Huaning county tours that you can choose to visit. There are 9 ethnic villages and 1 ethnic town in Huaning County, such as Wanyao Village and Tonghongdian Yi and Miao Ethnic Town. People can go to Ningzhou Park, Wansong Mountain Scenic Area and Jinsuo Ancient Bridge to know about the history of Huaning and enjoy themselves. There are many mosques for people to visit, such as Bafangshu Mosque, Muche Mosque and Beimen Mosque. Huaning is the hometown of hot spring, so people can have a relax in Huaning, and there are Xiangbi Hot Spring and Xiangbishan Hot Spring Forest Park for them to visit.

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