Huaping County Festivals and Events

Huaping County has 26 minorities including Han, Lisu, Yi, Dai, Hui, Miao, etc, especially the brilliant Hua Lisu and Shuitian Yi people. There are many ethnic festivals and activities celebrated by locals.

1. God Dragon Festival(龙神节)

Yi people believe that water dragons should not be offended. Otherwise the spring will be dried and the paddy will be destroyed. On every fifteenth day of the first lunar month, every family takes the chickens, ducks, sheep and gather to the spring source to worship the God Dragon. As well as to worship the God Wind and pray for the dispelling of wind disaster.

2. God Mountain Festival(山神节)

On the 15th day of the fifth lunar month, all the men gathered at the top of the mountain to kill sheep and worship the God Mountain. Mr. Dongba presides over the practice and prays to the mountain god to protect the green trees. Women are prohibited from attending this festival.

3. Washing Festival(洗衣节)

In the villages of Shuitian Yi people, there is a jingle "June 6, wash clothes(六月六,洗衣服)" . Every year on the sixth day of the sixth lunar month, all the households take all the dirty clothes to the river for cleaning. At the same time, take the covers for exposure and sterilization.

4. Torch Festival

It is most living among all the festivals of Shuitian Yi people. According to ancient rules, it will last for three nights. By night, the locals will hold a long and tiny torch in hand, and gather for singing and dancing around a bonfire.

5. Kuoshi Festival(阔时节)

The "Kuoshi Festival", also called the " Heshi Festival", celebrates the Lisu new year. "Kuoshi" is translation of the Lisu language, which means " the beginning of new year" or " the new year". It is the grandest traditional festival for the Lisus.