Huaping County Dining

With a distinct geographical environment and the choice of special ingredients, Huaping County has given birth to a unique local ethnic traditional cuisine. A wide range of local dishes include cold, hot, staple, snacks, beverages, etc. Huaping County is most famous for the dishes: Youdi(meaning in the bottom of oil) Meat, Pasha worm and turtledove vegetable.

1. Youdi Meat(油底肉)

Youdi Meat means keeping the meat in the bottom of oil. It's an essential food of Huaping People, which can be made all year round. The method is to choose the good streaky pork and cook it with oil rather that water. Then put it in the jar and we can eat it after some periods.

2. Pasha Worm(爬沙虫)

If the invention of the Yuodi meat shows the intelligence of the Huaping people, the dish of the Pasha Worm shows the bravery of the Huaping people. There are many ways to cook sandworm, the most common of which is frying. It's a high-protein insect, which is a good protein supplement.

3. Turtledove Vegetable(斑鸠菜)

Turtledove Vegetable is a kind of edible wild herbs, which has the effect of heat-clearing. The edible part is mainly young bud and leaves. It's easy to cook turtledove vegetable, just boiling with water. Huaping people like to cook it with broad beans.

4. Termite Mushroom

Termite Mushroom is outstanding among various fungi in Lijiang. Among the four places of Yongsheng, Huaping, Ninglang and Lijiang, Yongsheng produces the most with excellent taste and Huaping is second one.

5. Lazha Wine(腊渣酒)

Lazha wine is made from glutinous rice, after being steamed, cooled, and dispersed, which is mixed with cold water and enzyme fermentation for a long time. The last part is to remove the dreg.

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