Jiangchuan District Shopping

Enjoying the favorable environment, Jinagchuan boasts a lot of local products. Travelers can buy the specialties in Jiangchuan

What to Buy in Jiangchuan District

1.Crystal Preserved Fruits (水晶蜜饯)

The white gourd preserves of Yuxi is like crystal.The history of Yuxi preserves can be trace back to late Ming Dynasty.It is refreshing, crisp, sweet but not greasy, and has the effect of promoting fluid and moistening lung.Without chemicals, it is healthy and inviting.

2.Sesame Slices(芝麻片)

The main ingredients are superior white sesame, white sugar of high quality, glucose, refined oil and so on. It is made by special technique. The characters include bright color, transparent nature while towards the light, thin and even slices, crisp and delicious taste and so on.

3.Shortcake  (酥饼)

Shortcake also called “Manyou Cake” (满油饼) and has a long history. Local people elect the finest sugar, brown sugar, buckwheat noodles, rice bean as main material. The shortcake are soft, cold, sweet, oily and delicious, and the products are sold well all over the province.

4.Datou Fish /Big-head Fish of Jiangchuan (江川大头鱼)

Datou fish is the famous fish of Jiangchuan in Yuxi. It has a big and wide head and high fat content. Big-head fish is named for its broad head, delicate meat, delicious taste, and can be used as medicine. With high economic value and medicinal value, it is one of the indigenous fish of  Xingyun Lake.


Where to Buy in Jiangchuan District

All the popular specialties can be found in local market and local street. Viewing the local street is a nice choice for your tour.

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