Jinggu County Overview

1. Basic Information of Jinggu County

  • Chinese Name: 景谷县
  • Area: 7,550square kilometers
  • Population: 311,400
  • Zip code: 666400
  • Dialing code: (+86) 0879

2. Where is Jinggu County

Jinggu Dai and Yi Autonomous County is affiliated to Pu'er City, Yunnan Province. It is located in the southwestern part of Yunnan Province, west of Pu'er City, bordering Ninger County in the east, and Weiyuan River and Xiaohejiang River in the south with Simao District and Ninger County. Along the Lancang River, it looks at Lancang County, Linxiang District Lincang, Shuangjiang County across Lancang River in the west; it is adjacent to the Zhenyuan County. The seat of People’s Government of Jinggu County is Weiyuan Town, which is 130 kilometers away from Pu’er and 466 kilometers away from Kunming. 

3. Administrative Divisions of Jinggu County

As of the end of 2016, Jinggu Dai and Yi Autonomous County has jurisdiction over 6 towns, and 4 townships, 132 village committees, 1929 villager groups. The seat of Jinggu County is Weiyuan Town.

  • 6 Towns: WeiyuanTown(威远镇), Yongping Town(永平镇), Minle Town(民乐镇), Zhengxing Town(正兴镇), Jinggu Town(景谷镇), Fengshan Town(凤山镇)
  • 4 Townships: MengbanTownship(勐班乡), Yizhi Township(益智乡), Banpo Township(半坡乡), Bi’an Township(碧安乡)

4. Ethnic People of Jinggu County

As of the end of 2016, Jinggu Dai and Yi Autonomous County is home to 26 ethnic groups including Han, Dai and Yi, with a population of 149,800.

5. Climate and Weather of Jinggu County

Jinggu Dai and Yi Autonomous County has a total hot area of 7.32 million mu, accounting for 64.6% of the total area of Jinggu Dai and Yi Autonomous County. It belongs to the subtropical mountain plain monsoon climate.

6. Best Time to Visit Jinggu County

It is suitable to visit Jinggu County  all year round. Like many other cities in Yunnan, Jinggu is a place where the seasons are like spring. There is no cold, no heat, warm and humid, especially suitable for human habitation, so you can go to Jinggu at any time.

7. What to Do in Jinggu County

Jinggu Yi Autonomous County (景东彝族自治县) is an autonomous county under the jurisdiction of Pu'er Prefecture, Yunnan Province, China. Within the territory, there are over 10 scenic plots such as Mangyu Grand Canyon(芒玉大峡谷), Xiaoheijiang Forest Park(小黑江森林公园), Puxian Temple(普贤寺), Dashi Temple(大石寺), Bailong Park(白龙公园) and so on.

8. How to Get to Jinggu County

Jinggu County can be accessible by long-distance bus. There is a Passenger Transport Bus Station in Jinggu County. Tourists can take long-distance buses to Jinggu from Kunming, Mengban, Jinghong, etc.

9. History of Jinggu County

According to archaeological excavations, the Neolithic artifacts were discovered in Zhengxing and other townships (towns), Which was indicated that human beings existed in the land of Jinggu before three or four thousand years.