Jinghong Accommodation

As of end of 2014, there are hundreds of  hotels (large and small) in Jinghong city. There has been a hotel boom in the past few years including many nicely decorated new private hotels and also a few Home Inns in Jinghong. So Jinghong Accommodation provides many alternatives. Below are some Best Hotels in Jinghong for their good location and best valued price. 

Recommended Hotels in Jinghong

The Best Luxury 5-star Hotels in Jinghong

  • Wanda Vista Resort Xishuangbanna (西双版纳融创万达文华别墅度假酒店 )
    Address:No. 99, Yingbin Road, Rongchuang Xishuangbanna Tourism and Vacation Zone  融创西双版纳旅游度假区迎宾路99号
    Tel: 0691-8937777 
  • InterContinental Xishuangbanna Resort (西双版纳洲际度假酒店 )
    Address: Mannongfeng District, Xishuangbanna Tourism and Vacation Zone 西双版纳旅游渡假区二期曼弄枫片区
    Tel: 0691-2728888
  • DoubleTree Resort By Hilton Xishuangbanna (西双版纳融创希尔顿逸林度假酒店 )
    Address: No. 66, Yingbin Road, Rongchuang Xishuangbanna Tourism and Vacation Zone 融创国际旅游度假区迎宾路66号
    Tel: 0691-8997000 Sheraton Grand Xishuangbanna Hotel
  • Sheraton Xishuangbanna Hotel (西双版纳云投喜来登大酒店)
    Address: Yuntou Road, Gasa Town 嘎洒镇云投路
    Tel: 0691-8991111

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The Best Comfortable 4-Star Hotels in Jinghong

  • Xishuangbanna Golden Zone Hotel  (西双版纳金地大酒店)
    Address: No. 100, Galan Middle Road 嘎兰中路100号
  • XishuangBanna King Lang Hotel (西双版纳景兰大酒店)
    Address: No. 6, Jingde Road (near Manting Park)景德路6号 (近曼听公园)
  • Ramada Plaza Xishuangbanna (西双版纳华美达酒店)
    Address: Mannongfeng Tourism and Vacation Zone 旅游度假区曼弄枫片区
  • Xishuangbanna Painama Yicheng Sunshine International Hotel (西双版纳派纳玛亿成阳光国际大酒店)
    Address: No. 15 Building of Jinghan Village, Gaozhuang Xishuangjing 告庄西双景景罕寨15栋

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The Best Budget 3-Star Hotels in Jinghong 

  • Maison Fleuree in Xishuangbanna (西双版纳十沐墅客栈)
    Address: No. 16-6, Fengzhu Road, Wanda Tourism and Vacation Zone, Jinghong City 万达度假区凤竹路4期16-6
  • Jinghong Xiyuan Inn (景洪溪苑客栈(源今日有房梵音舒院))
    Address: No. 32 Building,Jinghan Village, Gaozhuang Xishuangjing , Jinghong City  告庄西双景三期景宰寨32栋
  • Lanmei Wanxiang Sightseeing Hotel (西双版纳澜湄万象观光酒店)
    Address: Room 1409, 14th Floor, Unit 1, Building 1, Jingfa Village, Gaozhuang Xishuangjing, Jinghong City  告庄西双景景法寨1栋1单元14楼1409 

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The Best Boutique Hotels and Inns in Jinghong

  • Yuanfang Dejia Daiyuan Boutique Inn (西双版纳远方的家傣园精品客栈)
    Address: No. 22 Binjiang Road, Jinghong City 景洪 滨江路22号
  • Xiangzizai Inn (西双版纳享自在客栈 )
    Address: No. 22 Building, Paml Court, Lingyuzhuangyuan Villa, Mannongfeng District  曼弄枫区林语庄园棕榈阁21栋
  • Daiya Inn (西双版纳傣雅客栈)
    Address:Mangong Village, Mannongfeng Tourism and Vacation 曼弄枫曼贡寨
  • Q+ Jackfruit Supreme Inn (Q加·西双版纳菠萝蜜至尊客栈 )
    Address: No. 10 Building of Jingzhen Village, Gaozhuang Xishuangjing告庄西双景景真寨10栋 
  • Sen Miao Hotel (西双版纳森淼大酒店 )
    Address:  3-1 Jingdong Village, Gaozhuang Xishuangjing告庄西双景景栋寨3-1期  
  • Vienna International Hotel (Jinghong Binjiang Junyuan) 维也纳国际酒店(景洪滨江俊园店)
    Address:  Manwai Village, Yunjinghong Subdistrict允景洪街道曼外村  
  • Pew Hotel (西双版纳派尔威汉唐酒店 )
    Address:  1st Floor, Building C, Block C, Songkran Sqaure泼水广场C区C栋1楼 

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Hotels in Gaozhuang Xishuangjing Scenic Area 

  • Mekong River Jinglan Hotel (西双版纳湄公河景兰大酒店 )
    Address:  No.10 Building of Mekong River Household, Gaozhuang Xishuangjing 告庄西双景湄公河人家10栋 
  • Lunar Masions Resort Hotel (西双版纳二十八星宿酒店 )
    Address: No. 28 Building of Jinghan Village, Gaozhuang Xishuangjing 告庄西双景景宰寨28栋 
  • Xile Hot Spring Hotel (西双版纳喜乐温泉酒店 )
    Address:  Building 9, Jingzai Village, Gaozhuang Xishuangjing 告庄西双景景宰寨9栋 
  • Jindun Summer Resort Holiday Hotel (西双版纳金顿避寒度假酒店 )
    Address:  No. 11 Building of Jingzhen Village, Gaozhuang Xishuangjing 告庄西双景景真寨11栋 
  • Molian Hotel (景洪陌莲大酒店 )
    Address:  No. 5 Building of Jingzhen Village, Gaozhuang Xishuangjing  告庄西双景景真寨5栋 
  • The Aegean Resort Hotel (景洪爱琴海度假酒店 )
    Address:  No. 10 Building of Jingmeng Village, Gaozhuang Xishuangjing 告庄西双景景勐寨10栋

Hotels Near Lancang-Mekong River Side

  • Taigu International Hotel (西双版纳泰谷国际酒店 )
    Address:  No. 2, Menghai Road, Songkran Square 勐海路2号泼水广场 
  • GreenTree Eastern Hotel (景洪浩宇东方酒店 )
    Address:  No. 2 Building, Xishuang 12 City Residential Area, Menghai Road勐海路2号西双十贰城国际公馆2栋
  • Yizhu Boutique Hotel (西双版纳逸住精品酒店 )
    Address:  Building E of Manjinglan Old Town Residence  曼景兰古城二期E栋 
  • Empark Grand Hotel (西双版纳世纪金源大饭店 )
    Address:  Dashaba, Cangjiang New District  沧江新区大沙坝
  • Xishuangbanna Yunshangpin Hotel 西双版纳云尚品酒店
    Address:  No. 2, Menghai Road  勐海路2号
    Tel: 0691-2270666