Jinghong Education

There are 110 schools (including 12 teaching centers) in Jinghong city, 13 of which are ordinary middle schools (including 5 full middle schools), 74 primary schools (including 12 teaching centers), 26 kindergartens, 1 special school, 1 vocational high school, 1 teacher training school and 1 economic management school. Here we list some of the schools in Jinghong for your reference to design your Jinghong Students Education Tours

Colleges in Jinghong City

English Name Chinese Name Address Telephone
Xishuangbanna Vocational and Technical Institute 西双版纳职业技术学院 No. 93, Xuanwei Avenue, Jinghong City (景洪市宣慰大道93号) (0691)2144050
Institute of Dai Medicine Affiliated to Western Yunnan University of Applied Science 滇西应用技术大学傣医药学院 No. 93, Xuanwei Avenue, Jinghong City (景洪市宣慰大道93号) /

Top Middle and High Schools in Jinghong

English Name Chinese Name Address Telephone
Jinghong Nationality Middle School 西双版纳州民族中学 No. 10, Mannongfeng Holiday Resort District (曼弄枫度假区学子路10号) (0691)2723311
Xishuangbanna No. 1 Middle School 西双版纳州允景洪中学 No. 1 Longzhang Road, Jinghong City (景洪市龙掌路1号) (0691)2125586
Jinghong No.4 Middle School 景洪市第四中学 No. 6, Wangzhen Road, Jinghong City (景洪市王震路6号) (0691)2138810
Jinghong No.1 Middle School 景洪市第一中学 No.1, Mengle Avenue, Jinghong City (景洪市勐泐大道1号) (0691)2128355
Jinghong No.3 Middle School 景洪第三中学 Jinghong City, Xishuangbanna, Yunnan 0691-2432125
Jinuo Middle School 景洪市基诺乡中学 Jinuo Town, Jinghong City, Xishuangbanna 0691-2470123

Top Elementary Schools in Jinghong

English Name Chinese Name Address Telephone
Xishuangbanna No. 1 Primary School 西双版纳州允景洪小学 No. 1, Galan South Road (嘎兰南路1号) 0691-2161743
Jinghong No.1 Primary School 景洪市第一小学 No. 2, Baixiang Road (白象路76号) 0691-2122531
Jinghong No.2 Primary School 景洪市第二小学 No. 22, Cangjiang Road (沧江路22号) 0691-2211454
Jinghong No.3 Primary School 景洪市第三小学 No. 3, Gangkou Road (港口路3号) 0691-2210667
Jinghong No.4 Primary School 景洪市第四小学 No. 6, Wangzhen Road (王震路6号) 0691-2149580
Jinuo Central Primary School 景洪市基诺乡中心小学 Jinuo Town, Jinghong City, Xishuangbanna 0691-2470124
Mengwang Central Primary School 景洪市勐旺乡中心小学 Jinuo Town, Jinghong City, Xishuangbanna 0691-2480024
Mengyang  Central Primary School 景洪市勐养镇中心小学 Jinuo Town, Jinghong City, Xishuangbanna 0691-2430161
Jingna Central Primary School 景洪市景讷乡中心小学 Jingne Town, Jinghong City, Xishuangbanna 0691-2450013
Menglong Central Primary School 景洪市勐龙镇中心小学 Menglong Town, Jinghong City, Xishuangbanna 0691-2740054
Menghan Middle School 景洪市勐罕镇中学 Menghan Town, Jinghong City, Xishuangbanna 0691-2410130

Top Kindergartens in Jinghong

English Name Chinese Name Address Telephone
Xishuangbanna Yunjinghong Kindergarten 西双版纳州允景洪幼儿园 No. 63, Galan Middle Road (嘎兰中路63号) 0691-2122616
Xishuangbanna Organ Kindergarten 西双版纳州机关幼儿园 No. 22, Mengle Avenue (勐泐大道22号) (0691)2122951
Jinghong City Kindergarten 景洪市幼儿园 No. 5, Zhuanghong Road, Yunjinghong Subdistrict (允景洪街道庄洪路5号) 0691-8988595
Mannongfeng Kindergarten 曼弄枫幼儿园 No.9, Yelin Road (椰林路(9号) 0691-2726177
Art Kindergarten Affiliated to Xishuangbanna Vocational and Technical Institute 西双版纳职业技术学院艺术幼儿园 Puti Avenue, Mannongfeng Holiday Resort (曼弄枫度假区菩提大道) /
Jinghong Commercial Love Kindergarten 景洪市商业爱心幼儿园 No.7, Hongxi Road, Jinghong City, Xishuangbanna 0691-2122495
Little Peacock Kindergarten 西双版纳小孔雀幼儿园 Nakunkang Community,  Jinghong City, 0691-2126746

Students Educational Tours in Jinghong

Jinghong Students Education Tours are characterized in local ethnic culture, such as Dai folk culture, Hani folk culture, Puer tea culture and food culture. Students traveling to Xishuangbanna for Educational Tours will have the chance to experience the Dai Slow-wheel Pottery Making and Dai temple culture, make their first Puer tea brick by yourselves, taste local food as well as exploring in the tropical rain forest.

The Recommended Tours: