Jinghong Shopping

As the central city of Xishuangbanna Dai Autonomous Prefecture, Jinghong boasts fine collection of local products due to its tropical monsoon climate. Xishuangbanna is reputed as "Kingdom of Plants and Animals, so there are plentiful products like some tropical fruits and rare medicinal herbs, etc. You can buy some selected Pu'er tea products in tea shopping center or tea houses. Some local silver ornaments, handicrafts, Dai clothes and wood carvings are also displayed for selling. Shopping in Jinghong City of Xishuangbanna will be a happy ending of your Yunnan Travel.

What to Buy in Jinghong 

Pomegranate in Jinghong景洪石榴

Shiliu,formerly known as pomegranates, Lythrum salicaria. Deciduous shrubs or small trees. Needle-like branches and leaves are obovate orelliptic, glabrous. Summer-flowering, Orange, yellow and white. Fruits subglobose, maturing in the autumn. Testa meat is translucent, juicy; kind of leathery. Originating in Iran and its surrounding areas. 

Jinghong Pineapple景洪菠萝

Jinghong pineapple is a product of Xishuangbanna, Jinghong city of Yunnan province. It is delicate, sweet taste into the honey.Fruit size is concerned, is the King of fruit.pineapple and pineapple trees(树菠萝), Xishuangbanna Dai language known as "honey" is the Xishuangbanna region producing fruit in the fruit of the biggest, the smell is most delicious fruits, Xishuangbanna has cultivated all over, mainly produced in Jinghong.

Xishuangbanna Pulu西双版纳氆氇

Pulu is the processing reservoir loading, Tibetan boots, Golden Cap is the main material, and legend has it that there are more than 2000 years of history. Status of Tibetan daily life such as cotton is as important and popular on the Mainland. Pulu is made by hand by the Tibetan people , with fine flat, soft and smooth, as the fabric or decorative quality of wool textiles, whose material is wool, Xining, spinning, dyeing, weaving and finishing processes is made.

Dai Dress傣族服饰

Dai women pay attention to clothes, the pursuit of light, beautiful, elegant costumes, coordinate clothing colors, very well. Young woman in the head, is a significant feature of the Dai dress. Dai women's upper body of colored tights, black jacket light dajin or narrower sleeves, dressed in a suit and Manpower under skirt, skirt woven with a variety of patterns, Dai woman will pull long hair bun, inclined inserted in the hair Combs, hairpins or flowers for decoration. 

Wood Carving木雕

Wood carving is a kind of sculpture, in our country has often been referred to as "folk art". Wood carving can be divided into three main types of three-dimensional sculpture, carving, relief.  

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Xishuangbanna Souvenirs and Local Specialities

Where to Buy in Jinghong

Jinghong is a small city, the shopping places are mainly concentrated in the commercial areas. Besides the shopping malls, night market is a good choice to go shopping and taste local food. Many kinds of handcrafts such as Dai pottery, silver ornaments and jewelry, Dai dress, tropical fruit and rare medicinal herbs can be found both in the downtown and scenic areas.

Popular Shopping Places

Jinlu Commercial Street (金鹿商业街)

Located in the center of Jinghong City, it is home to many large department stores and specialty stores. It has perfect surrounding facilities and advantageous geographical location. Due to its proximity to scenic spots such as Manting Park and its convenient transportation, it is popular among local people and is relatively prosperous.

Shawan Commercial Center (沙湾商业中心)

Shawan Commercial Center is near the Jinlu Commercial Center. It is the center of the old downtown area, and is still the most favored shopping place for local people. Daxing Supermarket is located nearby, lots of shops, food stores and restaurants, cinema make it a popular shopping site.

Caifu (Fortune) Commercial Center (财富中心)

It is a new arising commercial center in Jinghong City, attracting local people with its novel recreational facilities. It also has various stores, restaurants, cinema, etc. 

Xishuang 12 City Commercial Center (西双十贰城商业中心)

It is a thriving commercial center along the Lancang River, near the Songkran Square and Riverside night market. All these regional advantages make it a popular busy place among local and tourists.

Shopping Malls

  • Wal-Mart Shopping Plaza(沃尔玛购物广场)
    Add: Floor B1, Bingang International, No. 4, Menghai Road, Jinghong City (景洪市勐海路4号滨港国际B1层)
    Tel: (0691)2190612,(0691)2190606
  • Daxing Supermarket (大兴量贩)
    Add:No. 51, Mengle Avenue, Jinghong City(景洪市勐泐大道51号)
    Tel: (0691)2140385
  • RT-MART (大润发)
    Add: No. 2, Menghai Road, Jinghong City (景洪市勐海路2号)
  • Wada Plaza(万达广场)
    Add: Middle Section of South 7th Road, Wanda Tourism and Vacation Zone (万达旅游度假区南七路中段)
    Tel: (0691)2756666

Tea Shopping Centers in Xishuangbanna

There are lots of tea houses and tea shops in Xishuangbanna, but no exclusive tea markets, the following ones are relatively concentrated tea shopping centers. Besides, there are also many tea houses in Gaozhuang Xishuangjing Scenic Area

  • Jinglan International Tea Shopping Center (西双版纳景兰国际茶城)
    Add: No. 7, Menglong Road, Jinghong City (景洪市勐龙路7号)
  • Menghai Tea Shopping Center (勐海茶城)
    Add: Menghai County (勐海县)
  • Jinghong City Shopping Center (景洪市茶博园)
    Add: No. 2, Menghai Road, Jinghong City (景洪市勐海路2号)

Shopping Streets and Markets

  • Folk Handicraft Market (民族工艺品市场)
    Add: No. 1, Zhuanghong Road, JInghong City (景洪市庄洪路1号)
    Tel: (0691)2756666
  • Mangong Composite Market (曼贡综合市场)
    Add: Puti Avenue, Jinghong City (景洪市菩提大道)
  • Thai Street (泰国街)
    Add: No. 5008, Xijiangyuan Commercial Buiding, Century Empak (世纪金源禧江苑商铺5008)
  • Ganbai Street (赶摆街)
    Add: Gaozhuang Xishuangjing Scenic Area, Jinghong City (景洪市告庄西双景)

Night Markets

  • Gaozhuang Night Market (告庄夜市)
    Add:Gaozhuang Xishuangjing Scenic Area, Jinghong City (告庄西双景景区)
  • Daijiangnan Night Market (傣江南夜市)
    Add: Daijiangnan Food Street (傣江南风情美食街)
  • Jinghong Night Market (景洪夜市街)
    Add:Mengla Road, Jinghong City (景洪市勐腊路)
  • Songkran Square Night Market (泼水广场夜市)
    Add:Menghai Road, Jinghong City (景洪市勐海路)