Jinping County Dining

Due to the difference of ethnic minorities and territories, there come the different diet customs and the colorful and distinctive regional cuisines. Jinping County dining includes some local flavors, which can leave you a unforgettable memory.

What to Eat in Jinping County

1. Hani Fermented Soya Bean哈尼豆豉

Hani fermented soya bean is a special soy food of Jinping Hani people. The beans are often dark brown, sweet and appetizing.

2. Boiled Finless Eel水煮黄鳝

Boiled finless eel is the specialty of Hani people, fresh, delicious and mellow. It has its own unique flavor.

3. Dried Leaf Mustard干板菜

Dried Leaf Mustard is made of the leaf mustard produced in Jinping County. Making the pickled mustard dry and then dried leaf mustard is done. Stewing it with pettitoes is most delicious.

4. Jinping Dai Grilled Fish with Lemongrass金平傣味香茅草烤鱼

Jinping Dai Grilled Fish with Lemongrass is fresh, tender and kind of sweet.

5. Boiled Field Snail水煮螺狮

Boiled Field Snail in Hani terrace is different from the sea snail inland. It is with thin skin and more meat, spreading all over the terrace. Hani people usually boil it with Hani sour bamboo shoot.

6. Fragrant Leaf Wrapped Meat香叶子包肉

Fragrant leaf wrapped meat is a Dai flavor dish in Jinping Mengla. The ways to eat are mainly steaming, boiling, roasting and frying. Steaming and boiling wrapped meat are sweet, while roasting and frying smell very nice.

Where to Eat in Jinping County

1. Hani Hezha Manor哈尼合扎山庄

Adress: No.65, Huancheng South Road, Jinhe Town, Jinping County环城南路65号

Tel: 0873-5227599

Recommended dishes: Hani Boiled Field Snail, Rukkola Fries Finless Eel, Termite Mushroom

2. Gastrodia Ham Chicken Hotpot天麻火腿鸡火锅城

Address: The Crossroad and Jinsui Road, Jinhe Town, Jinping County广街与金穗路交叉口

Tel: 0873-5222279

3. Dai Flavor Restaurant傣香楼

Address: Shangmeng Village, Mengla Town, Jinping County金平县勐拉镇上勐村

Tel: 13988091790

Recommended Dishes: Fragrant leaf wrapped meat, Dai flavor banquet(400 yuan a table, excluding drinks), Tusi Banquet(600 yuan a table, excluding drinks).

4. Lvbao Restaurant绿宝餐厅

Address: No.10, Huancheng North Road, Jinhe Town, Jinping county环城北路10号

Tel: 13988098206

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