Kaiyuan Administrative Divisions

In 2011, Kaiyuan city has jurisdiction over 2 subdistricts, 2 towns, 2 townships and 1 ethnic town. It is further divided into 23 community committees, 52 village committees and 454 villages.

2 Subdistricts

Lebaidao Subdistrict乐百道街道 and Lingquan Subdistrict灵泉街道.

2 Towns

Xiaolongtan Town小龙潭镇 and Zhongheying Town中和营镇.

2 Townships

Yangjie Township羊街乡 and Beige Township碑格乡.

1 Ethnic Town

Dazhuang Hui Ethnic Town大庄回族乡

Traditional Ethnic Villages

Moduo Village摩朵村 of Xiaolongtan Town in Kaiyuan City, Honghe

Lebaidao Village乐百道村 of Lebaidao Subdistrict in Kaiyuan City, Honghe