Kaiyuan Climate

Geographic coordinate is between 23°30′ - 23°58′ north latitude and 103°04′ - 103°43′ east longitude. Located in the low-latitude plateau, Kaiyuan enjoys a subtropical highland monsoon climate.

1. Weather Features

Due to geographical location of low latitude and high altitude, as well as the influence of monsoon activity. Kaiyuan climate forms the following features.

A. Long summer but without winter, autumn and spring connect.长夏无冬,秋春相连

Kaiyuan is with long summer but without winter, autumn and spring are connected, daily temperature difference is large but annual temperature difference is small. In the basin area of Kaiyuan, annual temperature is 19.8℃ on average, extreme high temperature of 38.2℃ and extreme low temperature of -2.4℃. Accumulated temperature days(temperature is greater than or equal to 10℃) throughout the year are 326 days, accumulated temperature reaches to 6729.8 ℃, frost-free period is 341 days. The most thermidor in July, average temperature is of 24.2 ℃; the coldest month in January, the average temperature is of 12.8 ℃. The coldest average temperature in January is still more than 12 ℃.

B. Clear dry and wet season and prone to drought throughout the year. 干湿季分明,常年多干旱

Kaiyuan is on the leeward slope of Southeast and southwest warm and humid air currents. Affected by the subsidence foehn effect, it is not easy to form clouds to rain, belonging to one of the three less rainy areas in Yunnan province. The annual average precipitation is 800 mm, but the evaporation force of water surface is 1466 mm, which belongs to subtropical semi-arid monsoon climate.

2. The Best Time to Visit Kaiyuan

If you want, travel in Kaiyuan is available all the year round. However, Kaiyuan is one of the three less rainy areas in Yunnan province. Ultraviolet ray is strong in summer. Try to Try to avoid hot summer, the best time to travel is spring, autumn and winter. In winter, with clear and temperate weather, tourists can go to Yuanyang and pay a visit to Hani rice terrace. 

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