Kaiyuan Dining

There are some local specialties you must taste when you are traveling in Kaiyuan. In this part, we will introduce you some local specialties and where you can get them in Kaiyuan City. 

What to Eat in Kaiyuan

1. Kaiyuan Sweet Scallion开远甜藠头

It has been a history of more than hundred years. It is made of the excellent scallion cultivated in mountainous areas, highlighting the characteristics of pickles sour, sweet and spicy. Kaiyuan sweet scallion is golden and bright in color, sweet and spicy taste, soft, tender and crisp texture, and has the effect of strengthening spleen and appetizing.

2. Kaiyuan Rice Noodle Roll开远小卷粉

Rice noodle roll is a unique snack in Kaiyuan city, Yunnan province. It is made from rice, steaming rice paste into rice noodle roll, then filling with fillings and steaming again. It is favored by local people.

3. Rice Noodle

South Yunnan is called the hometown of rice noodle. There are many ways to eat rice noodle. Rice noodle salad and small pot rice noodle are famous.

4. Toudaocai头刀菜

It is an ecological food of Yi people in Kaiyuan. It is made with raw chicken blood and leeks. With bright in color, sweet and refreshing taste, it is a delicious delicacy favored by people in festivals.

5. Cool Products

Kaiyuan is famous for its heat, so Kaiyuan people love cool products. The famous ones include the green tea ice cream in Dongni Cool Drink, papaya cold water in Nanzheng Street南正街 and Purple rice dew of Vietnamese snacks.

Where to Eat in Kaiyuan

1. Jinxin Restaurant金鑫餐厅

Address: Furong Street, Kaiyuan City开远市芙蓉街

Tel: 0873-7125436

2. Yanwei Restaurant晏味酒楼

Address: No.47, Beizheng Street, Kaiyuan开远市北正街47号

Tel: 0873-7122152

3. Taipei Restaurant台北帮厨

Address: No.66, Renmin Middle Road, Kaiyuan开远市人民中路66号

Tel: 0873-7185116

More Restaurants in Kaiyuan.

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