Kaiyuan Transportation

Transportation in Kaiyuan is convenient. Kaiyuan is the traffic fort of south China and the important land passage to southeast Asia. It is 220 kilometers away from Kunming city, 240 kilometers from Hekou County, which is national first port; national road 323 towards east to Beihai of Guangxi province, towards west to Xishuangbanna.  Kunhe Highway and Yunnan-Vietnam international meter-gage railway pass through Kaiyuan city, they are the important land passage from Yunnan to southeast Asia.

How to Get in Kaiyuan

You have two ways to get to Kaiyuan city, long-distance bus and train. As for airplane, it is not available up to now.

1. By Long-distance Bus

There are 18 non-stop buses a day from Kunming East Station to Kaiyuan Bus Terminal. Here below are main bus terminals in Kaiyuan City.

a. Kaiyuan Bus terminal开远汽车客运站

Address: No.140, Xibei Road, Kaiyuan City开远市西北路140号

Tel: 0873-7123551

b. Kaiyuan South Bus Terminal开远客运南站

Address: Xinan Road, Kaiyuan City开远市西南路

Tel: 0873-7132111


Price: 87 CNY or 93 CNY

Departure Time: 7:30-20:20

Distance: 225kilometers

Consume Time: about 2.5 hours

Tips: The price and time are for reference only, specific with actual condition. More prices and departure time, you can ask for details at bus terminals.

2. By Railway

There is no railway stations in Kaiyuan, you can't reach to Kaiyuan directly by train. If you want to take train, you are suggested to transfer in Mengzi North Railway Station.

Kunming Station-Mengzi North Station-Kaiyuan

You will spend about 3 hour and a half on the train from Kunming to Mengzi, then around 1 hour drive from Mengzi to Kaiyuan City. The starting price of train ticket is 40.5 CNY. Every day, there are at least 4 trains from Kunming to Mengzi. 

3. By Air

At present, there is no airport in Kaiyuan, you can't go to Kaiyuan by plane. Mengzi airport, Mile airport, Yuanyang airport and Luxi airport in Hong Prefecture are under plan and construction. 

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How to Get Around Kaiyuan

1. By Taxi

Taxi is always the most convenient vehicle to get around a place. Taxis can be found everywhere in Kaiyuan, for people who want to get to their destination as quickly as possible, taxis are wise choice. Starting price of taxi is usually 5 CNY.

2. By Bus

In the city, buses are easily available, it will not spend you much time on the bus, because the city is not too big. And the bus fare is just 1 yuan. Otherwise, there are regular buses between some towns, townships and some villages in Kaiyuan, convenient and cheap.

3. By Minibus

Minibus is another way for local people who live in remote villages to travel a short distance. Passengers may wait for a minibus on the highway or just call the driver. Usually, the minibus will take you anywhere you want to go in a short distance, and the price is cheap.