Lanping County Accommodation

Lanping offers the favorable hotels for your stay. There is no luxury hotel, but the unique local architecture and inns.

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Xindu Hotel of Lanping County




No.47 Cangjiang Road, Lanping County, Nujiang


Hotel has the advance manage system, titled as hotel with star-level of Nujiang. The rooms with the local architecture style will give you more chance to feel local custom.

Dingfeng Manor Hotel of Lanping County



No.99 Fujiang Community, Jinjiang Road, Lanping County, Nujiang


It is the courtyard of Bai people. Except for the traditional architecture of Bai people, hotel enjoys the high-quality service, complete facilities and favorable environment. It is one of the top hotels in Lanping.

Huatian Hotel of Lanping County




No. 116 Jinjiang Road, Lanping County, Nujiang


It enjoys the superior location, with various restaurants around. And you can transfer easily.

Haitian Hotel of Lanping County



Wenxing Street, Jinding Town, Lanping County, Nujiang


It is located in the Jinxing Business Center, enjoying all kinds of shops around.

Jinmao Hotel of Lanping County


No.40 Bijiang Road,  Lanping County, Nujiang


Hotel provides complete facilities and services for you. There are many snack bars and restaurants around the hotel.


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