Lanping County Overview

Lanping Bai and Pumi Autonomous Prefecture, located in Hengduan Mountain Range, Northwest Yunnan, longitudinal valley area, is the hub and essential pass of tour package of west Yunnan. It is the hub of the ‘ Three Parallel Rivers’ tour. Lanping enjoys rich forest and biology resource. In addition, it was also known as the "Green Capital of Zinc" of China because of the huge lead-zinc deposit in Jinding Fenghuang Mountain. Lanping is the only county governed by Bai and Pumi ethnic groups. It has an area of 4,388 square kilometres and a population of 0.21 million as 2012 census.

1.Basic Information

Chinese Name: 兰坪白族普米族自治县

Population: about 0.21 million

Nationalities: mainly Bai, Pumi, Lisu, Nu and Yi nationalities

Area: about 4388 square kilometers 

Zip code: 671400

Area Code: 0886


Lanping has long and profound history. In 109 BC, Lanping submit to Bisu County of Yizhou Prefecture, then Yongchang Prefecture from West Han to West Jin. During Dali Kingdom in Song Dynasty, Lanxi Prefecture was set in Lanping, which was a part of Tongmou Office. On May 10th, 1949, Lanping County got liberation. The people’s government of Lanping County was set on October 14th, 1949. Approved by the State Council in November, 1987, Lanping Bai and Pumi Autonomous Prefecture was established.


Lanping Bai and Pumi Autonomous County (兰坪白族普米族自治县) is located in Nujiang Lisu Autonomous Prefecture, Yunnan province, China.Lanping is located in the Three Parallel Rivers of Yunnan Protected Areas (Chinese: 云南三江并流) ,which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site in Yunnan province, China. It lies within the drainage basins of the upper reaches of the Yangtze (Jinsha), Lancang(Mekong) and Nujiang(Salween) rivers, in the Yunnanese section of the Hengduan Mountains.


The climate is warm and temperate in Lanping. The summers are much rainier than the winters in  Lanping. According to Köppen and Geiger, this climate is classified as Cwb. The temperature here averages 13.5 °C. The rainfall here averages 1139 mm.


The transportation in Lanping county is convenient, bus transportation is the main travel means here.  The Nujiang Airport will be operated in 2019.


Lanping offers the favorable hotels for your stay. There is no luxury hotel, but the unique local architecture and inns.


There is much to see or to do in Lanping, as the hub of Three Parallel Rivers tour. Travelers, especially visitors who are inclined to adventure trip always regard three parallel longitudinal rivers as the top option. Minorities in Nujiang is the most diverse in China and the population of minorities is the largest, so you definitely shouldn’t miss the festivals of minorities, it’s a good chance for travelers to explore ethnic culture. 

8.Ethnic Culture

Lanping Bai and Pumi Autonomous County (兰坪白族普米族自治县) occupies by 14 ethnic minorities including Bai, Pumi, Lisu, Nu and Yi etc. It is the only Bai and Pumi autonomous county of China. The minorities accounts for 93.4% of the total population, among them, Bai accounts for 48.2%, Pumi accounts for 7.5%. Local culture represents the diversity of ethnic culture. In Nujiang, Festival of Climbing Sword-poles of Lisu people and the activity of killing and sacrificing an ox of Dulong people are the most remarkable. They believe in different religions, such as the primitive religion, Lamaism, Catholicism and Christianity. Their beliefs can be seen in their daily life.

9.What to Eat

As a city having various Chinese ethnic minorities, Lanping local food is different from the one in other places. All the foods in Lanping feature local culture of ethnic minorities, and all the materials are from this place. It is the creation of local people and the work of human wisdom. This article will take you into the local life to discover the stunning food in this Yunnan city. All the foods talked about below are the representatives of local food and the essence of local food culture.

 10.What to Buy

It is a beautiful place where is famous for its ethnic scenic spots and special local food.If you travel around Lanping, do not forget to bring some local food for your friends and your relatives. There are many featured specialties including handicrafts, ethnic costume and local food.

11.Administrative Division

Lanping county’s jurisdiction is over 4 towns, 4 townships: Jinding Town(金顶镇), Lajing Town(啦井镇), Yingpan Town(营盘镇), Tongdian Town(通甸镇), Tu’e Township(兔峨乡), Hexi Township(河西乡), Shideng Township(石登乡), Zhongpai Township(中排乡). The Lanping County government is located in Jinding Town.