Linxiang District Administrative Divisions

In 2000, there are 2 towns and 9 townships in Linxiang District. 

In 2005, Nazhao Township(那招乡) was merged into Boshang Town(博尚镇), Fengxiang Town(凤翔镇) was changed to Fengxiang Street(凤翔街道), Mangpan Township(忙畔乡) was changed to Mangpan Street(忙畔街道).

At present, there are 2 streets, 1 town, 5 townships and 2 ethnic towns in Linxiang District.

2 streets: Fengxiang Street(凤翔街道) and Mangpan Street(忙畔街道).

1 town: Boshang Town(博尚镇)

5 townships: Mayidui Townships(蚂蚁堆乡), Zhangtuo Township(章驮乡), Bangdong Township(邦东乡), Matai Township(马台乡), Quannei Township(圈内乡).

2 ethnic towns: Nanmei Lahu Ethnic Town(南美拉祜族乡) and Pingcun Yi and Dai Ethnic Town(平村彝族傣族乡).

It is further divided into 93 villages and 9 communities.