Linxiang District Attractions

Located in the southwest of Yunnan Province, Linxiang District is a remote and mysterious land with 23 Ethnic Minority groups, many traditional ethnic villages and natural scenery. 

1. Wulao Mountain Forest Park(五老山森林公园)

Wulao Mountain got its name because it looks like five old people are chatting when seen from a distance. It is national AA level tourist attraction, national forest park. It is 25 kilometers away from the suburbs of Linxiang District, its scenery has been one of the ten best in Mianning(缅宁, the old name of Linxiang District). 

2. Ximen Park(西门公园)

Lincang Ximen park is located in Linxiang District, Lincang Prefecture, Yunnan province, covering an area of 57 mu.There are antique garden architecture, zoo, flowers viewing area, artificial lake, tearoom and playground etc, attractions.

3. Nanmei Lahu Ethnic Village(南美拉祜风情寨)

There are more than 12 agritainments, a central Dage Square, ethnic crafts exhibition room and various Lahu Food. You can enjoy minority culture here.

4. Boshang Canola Flower(博尚油菜花)

Every spring, the canola flowers in Boshang town, Linxiang District are in bloom. Many new couples go to taking wedding photos there.

5. Lincang Tea Culture Garden(临沧茶文化风情园)

It is located in Qinglong Mountain, mangpan Street(忙畔街道青龙山), 3 kilometers from the north of downtown. It covers the area of 110 hectares and It is rated as AA level tourist attractions in 2001.

More attractions, Donggang Village(东岗村), Mengwang Dazhai Village(勐旺大寨村), Bangdong Tea Plantations(邦东茶山), Wanyao Pottery Village(碗窑土陶村), Lincang Snow Mountain and Manlai Lake Scenic Spot(曼来湖水景区) and so on.