Linxiang District Festivals and Events

Festivals in Linxiang District are represented by Lahu, Yi and Dai.

Lahu Ethnic Group

Nanmei Lahu ethnic town(南美拉祜族乡) is in the southwest of linxiang District, 48 kilometers from the seat of Linxiang District government. 7 ethnic groups live there, Lahu people accounts for 72.14% of the population. There are many Lahu Festivals, Spring Festival, The Torch Festival, New Rice Festival, Kala Festival(卡腊节), Bridging Festival(搭桥节) and so on. The most typical and representative festival is The Gourd Festival.

The Gourd Festival(葫芦节)

Lahu people take gourd as symbol, it symbolizes that Lahu was from the gourd and the best wishes for happiness and luck. The festival is celebrated on the 15th day of the 10th lunar month. At that day, Lahu people blow Lusheng and perform Lusheng dance(芦笙舞).

Yi and Dai Ethnic Group

Pingcun Yi and Dai ethnic town(平村彝族傣族乡) is in the southeast of Linxiang District, 104.5 kilometers from Linxiang District. There is a fire ethnic group, Yi, and a water ethnic group, Dai.

The Torch Festival

During the torch festival around August 5, the Yi people use the torch to drive away evil spirits and protect the harvest.


It is a interesting farming custom of Yi. Every April and May, the season of Rice Transplanting, Yi people ask each other to help transplanting. On the way back, each and everyone use the prepared black ash to paint each other, the darker, the better. 

Water-splashing Festival

It is the New Year of Dai, and the grandest traditional festival of Dai. It is celebrated in the mid-June of Dai calendar, lasting 3-4 days.

Activities in Linxiang District

1. Qingpin Tea house(清品茶楼)

It is a high grade tea house inside the Ximen Park(西门公园). Tel: 0883-2145999

2. Coco bar

It is the largest bar in Linxiang District. There are snacks, book bar and drinks, quiet and comfortable. It is suitable for making friends and chatting.

3. Asian Micro Film Festival(亚洲微电影艺术节)

It is held in September every year. Lincang is the permanent host of Micro Film Festival in Asia.