Linxiang District Shopping

Linxiang District is subtropical mountain monsoon climate, which is suitable for the growth of rape flower, tea and other crops which is large in demand. 

1. Local Specialty 

1. Boshang Canola Oil(博尚菜籽油)

Canola is the traditional industry of Linxiang District. Most of canola flower base in boshang town is in mountainous area with deep soil layer. Canola is of good quality.

2. Linxiang Tea(临翔茶叶)

There are Lincang tea culture garden and Bangdong tea plantations in Linxiang District, Lincang. Bangdong ancient tea and Xigui tea(昔归茶) are famous.

3. Cured Beef(牛干巴)

Cured beef is popular in Linxiang District, even Lincang. Making the beef with seasonings air dry naturally, then roasting in the charcoal. Until now, Wa villagers still retain the primitive and ancient production process and unique flavor of the cured beef.

4. Lahu Wang Liquor(拉祜王酒) 

It is originated in Nanmei Lahu ethnic town of Lincang. It is made of local organic rice, sorghum, corn, wheat and sticky rice.

More specialties like Linxiang walnut, Linxiang macadimia nut, bamboo-tube-cooked rice, Linxiang red bean and Danshan Zhanshui(单山蘸水) etc.

2. Purchase Places

1. Lincang Langjiu Liquor stores(临沧郎酒专卖店)

Address: Times Business city, Linxiang District, Lincang City(临沧市临翔区时代商都)

Tel: 0883-2149158

2. Sister Fang's Local Specialty store(芳姐土特产专卖店)

Address: No.1396 Nantian Road, Linxiang District, Lincang City(临沧市临翔区南天路1396号)

3. Yujing Tea and Local Specialty store(虞璟茶叶土特产专卖店) - 

Address: No.4 South Nanping Road, Linxiang District, Lincang(临沧市临翔区南屏南路4号)

Tel: 0883-2127299

4. Lincang Qishan Road Local Specialty Store(临沧旗山路土特产专卖店)

Address: Qishan Road, Linxiang District(临翔区旗山路)

Tel: 13095225987

You can also buy local specialty in some shopping malls like Laoxiangyun shopping mall(老祥云购物广场) in Gongyuan Road(公园路), Wilt shopping mall(威尔特购物广场) in Nantian Road(南天路) and wealth center shopping mall(财富中心购物广场) in Cangjiang Road(沧江路) etc.