Longling County Accommodation

To give you a better accommodation experience, we have carefully selected the following hotels for its good location and best value for money. No matter you want a high-end hotel or a budget hotel, we will help you find the best hotels in Longling according to your needs and budget.

1.Longlin Hot Spring Resort Hotel(龙陵龙临温泉度假酒店)

Add: Xiangbohe Village, Longshan Town, Longling County, Baoshan

Tel: 0875-6815555

2. Bund Palm Health Resort Hot Spring Villa(龙陵邦腊掌温泉养生度假区温泉别墅)

Add: Banglazhang Health Resort, Longling County, Baoshan

Tel: 0875-6813666

3. Longling Kailong Holiday Inn(龙陵凯龙假日酒店)

Add: Extension Line of Longhua Road, Longling County, Baoshan

Tel: 0875-3031999

4. Longling Laolishu Hot Spring Hotel(龙陵老梨树温泉酒店)

Add: Zhenbei Village, Zhenan Town, Longling County, Baoshan

Tel: 0875-6818888

5. Qishuiyuanlou Hotel(奇水源楼酒店)

Add: Dazhai Village, Mengru Town, Longling County, Baoshan

Tel: 0875-6815555

6. Hong Cheng Hotel(龙陵宏程商务酒店)

Add: Requan Road, Longshan Town, Longling County, Baoshan

Tel: 0875-6808888

7. Longling Daile Hotel(龙陵傣泐民俗酒店)

Add: Dazhai Village, Mengru Town, Longling County, Baoshan

Tel: 0875-8930688

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