Longling County Administrative Divisions

Longling county has jurisdiction over 5 towns, 4 townships , 1 ethnic township, 5 neighborhood committees, and 116 administrative villages. Below are the detailed information of the towns and townships in Longling.

5 Towns: Longshan Town(龙山镇), Zhenan Town(镇安镇), Mengnuo Town(勐糯镇), Xiangda Town(象达镇), Lameng Town(腊勐镇)

4 Townships: Longjiang Township(龙江乡), Bizhai Township(碧寨乡), Longxin Township(龙新乡), Pingda Township(平达乡)

1 Ethnic Township: Mucheng Yi and Lisu Ethnic Township(木城彝族傈僳族乡)