Longling County Festivals and Events

The main festivals in Longling include Torch Festival of Yi and Achang, Knifeladder-Climbing Festival and Kuoshi Festival of Lisu, Alu Woluo Festival and Ganbai Festival of Achang, Longjiang "rice flower fish festival", etc.

1.Torch Festival of Yi and Achang

Both Yi and Achang people in Longling celebrate Torch Festival. The Torch Festival takes place on 24th or 25th of the 6th lunar month every year. 

2.Knifeladder-Climbing Festival of Lisu

The Knife-ladder-Climbing Festival of Lisu Ethnic Group, which is called "a-tang-de" in Lisu language with the meaning of "a festival of climbing knife-ladders", is a traditional festival of the Lisu people and Yi people. It is held on the 15th day of the first month of every lunar year.

3.Kuoshi Festival of Lisu

Kuoshi is a transliteration of Lisu language, which means New Year. For the Lisu, the festival is equivalent to Spring Festival celebrated by China’s majority group. It usually falls between the last ten-day period of December and January of the next year. 

4.Alu Woluo Festival of Achang

Alu Woluo Festival is a traditional festival of the Achang people, previously held on the 10th day of the ninth lunar month. They dress in gorgeous clothes, with the rhythm of Elephant-foot Drum and Mang Gong, singing songs and dancing, and share the joy of the festival with the guests coming from afar.

5. Ganbai Festival of Achang

It is a religious festival of the Achang ethnic group in Yunnan province. In principle, the festival is held once a year, but due to the large consumption, it can also be held once every three or four years. It is usually held between the eighth and ninth of the lunar calendar, which lasts three days.

6.Longjiang Rice Flower Fish Festival

Longling Longjiang has the habit of keeping fish in the paddy field since ancient times. After several months, when the rice flowers are gone, the wheat ears are golden and the fish are fat, it comes to Longjiang harvest time of rice and fish.