Longling County Shopping

Shopping in Longling is a must-do thing for tourists coming to this county. To people who are the first time to a new place, they want to buy the things that can represent the local culture and show the local features. This article will be a travel guide for your Longling shopping. 

What to Buy in Longling

1. Longling Purple-peel Shihu(龙陵紫皮石斛)

Shihu is an orchid plant adnascent to trees such as pear or peach. It has beautiful flowers. The stem is used as a common herbal medicine. It has been used for more than 2,000 years in traditional Chinese medicine, according to the China Pharmaceutical Culture Society. Longling now produces 2,500 tons of Shihu a year. 

2.Longling Huanglongyu(龙陵黄龙玉)

In 2004, a new kind of jade was found in Yunnan called "HuangLongYu". There are over 5,800 Huanglong Jade stores in China of which 3,800 are located in Longling county. The county is training more Huanglong jade talents. There are now over 2,000 Huanglong jade engravers who have brought home hundreds of awards from national jade fairs and appraisal activities.

3. Chongcao(虫草/冬虫夏草)

Sweet in flavour, neutral in nature, it is tropistic to the lung and kidney channels. It serves to treat chronic cough in the type of both lung-and kidney-deficiency, impotence due to consumption of kidney essence and weakness because of aging or chronic diseases.

4. Xiaoli Coffee(小粒咖啡)

For some people who like drinking coffee, you can’t miss Baoshan Coffee. The main variety of Yunnan coffee is arabica, known locally as Yunnan Xiaoli Coffee, originated in Baoshan from the 1950. It is of high-quality and has become widely known.

Where to Buy in Longling

1.Longling Homeland Local Specialty(龙陵家园土特产)

Add: Longling County, Baoshan(保山市龙陵县)

Tel: 13378752229

2.Longxiang Local Specialty(龙祥土特产)

Add: Longshan Road 178, Longling County, Baoshan(保山市龙陵县龙山路178)

Tel: 13888477825

3.Jvyuan Local Specialty Monopoly(聚源土特产专卖)

Add: Longling County, Baoshan(保山市龙陵县)

Tel: 18987538738

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