Ludian County Climate

Ludian county  is located in the northeast of Yunnan province and northwest of Yunnan-Guizhou plateau. Its’ territory consists of two mountains(Wumeng mountain, Wulian peak), four rivers(Niulan river, Longshu river, Shaba river, Zhaolu river) and two dams(Wentao dam and Longshu dam). The terrain slopes from east and west down to the middle , the landform is sophisticated. The highest elevation is 1917 meters and the lowest is 568 meters. Ludian county belongs to low latitude hilly monsoon climate, the temperature between seasons not much distinct. No stern cold in winter nor hot in summer. The annual average precipitation is 923.5 mm and the annual average temperature is 12.1℃. 

The best time to visit

March and May are the best seasons to visit Ludian. In March, you can enjoy the wonderful flowers. In May, you can pitch the cherry, enjoy the beautiful sceneries, have a taste of Jiaolin Chicken, and take an experience of Islamic culture.

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