Ludian County Dining

Ludian county is rich in snacks and local dishes. Lies in the northeast part of Yunnan province, the eating pattern of Ludian people is deeply influenced by Sichuan cuisine, however, in the long process of developing and communicating, Ludian people has formed their own eating habits and local cuisine. There are some presenting dishes of Ludian county:

Ludian Buckwheat Noodles Soup
Ludian buckwheat noodle soup, it looks very simple, and you just need to make the mixed power into a noodle line, and then cook and put them in the seasoning, which is very particular.

Glutinous Rice Cake
As the Muslim folk snacks, glutinous rice cake could be the best business card. This kind of glutinous rice is the main raw material, and the filling of the brown sugar are very good.

Bean Jelly
Place thinly shredded jelly in a medium mixing bowl, and mix sauce ingredients and pour over, stir gently.

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