Ludian County Shopping

Ludian(鲁甸县) is rich in natural resources. You can find many kinds of local specialties in the local market. Usually, in each town, the markets are opened three days a time, and in the county seat, markets are opened everyday. If you don’t know what to buy in these local market, some local specialties are listed as follow:

Lehong chestnut(乐红板栗)

Lehong Township is rich in chestnut, and all kinds of chestnut trees bear edible nuts. , single leaf, elliptic or oblong, 10-30 cm long, 4-10 cm wide, with bristly teeth on the edges.

Xiaozhai Red Pear(小寨红梨)

Xiaozhai Township plans to gradually promote this variety in the township, supplemented by technical measures such as topdressing, pressing, fruit thinning, bagging, etc. To improve the internal quality of the fruit, so that this large fruit circle, ruddy color, juicy, the good variety of sweet and fragrant scent have once again become the mainstream of Xiaozhai Pear.


Ludian Cherry(鲁甸樱桃)

Since 2006, the Ludian Cherry Culture Tourism Festival has become a business card for the county's tourism industry. The reason why Ludian cherries with Xiaozhai cherries are so popular with the world is inseparable from the unique ecological agriculture tourism conditions in Xiaozhai Township.



Other local specialties in Ludian county: Ximuhuangguo(细木黄果), Taoyuan Fire Dried Beef(桃源干巴), Ludian Walnut(鲁甸核桃).

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