Lufeng County Accommodation

We offers all kinds of hotels in Lufeng County for tourists. Here we have collected where to stay in Lufeng for travelers. All hotels are with good location, cost-efficient prices and considerate services.


Lufeng Tianlong Hotel (禄丰天龙酒店)
Address: Next Kangning Hospital of Zhuluoji Street

Lufeng Yongxin Hot Spring(禄丰永鑫温泉大酒店)
Address: No.1, Wenquan Village of Bicheng Town
Telephone: 087-4853999

Lufeng Jinde Hotel (禄丰金德大酒店)
Address: In the middle of Zhuluoji Dadao Road
Telephone: 0878-486666

Lufeng Junqilin Hotel (禄丰浚琪林大酒店)
Address: In the middle of Jinxi Dajie Street of JInshan Town
Telephone: 0878-4729999


Lufeng Derun Hotel (禄丰德润酒店)
Address: In the Middle of Jinyuan Street of Jinshan Town
Telephone: 0878-4130111

Lufeng Dongxin Hotel (禄丰东鑫欣酒店)
Adress: Next to Jinyuan Street Shopping Mall
Telephone: 0878-4142199

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