Lufeng County Dining

People who take a tour to Lufeng County never forget to taste the local traditional cuisine of Lufeng. As a town having various Chinese ethnic minorities, the local food is different from other places.

What to Eat in Lufeng County

1. Stewed Chicken Tricholoma Matsutake (松茸炖鸡)

Tricholoma matsutake is also one of the four largest edible fungi in the world, pine mushroom stewed chicken, pine aroma slightly heavier, pine mushroom taste slightly smooth, like heavy taste friends can choose.

2. Fish Dipped in Water (蘸水鱼)

The fish meat is tender and delicious, not fishy and not greasy, supplemented with specially prepared dipping water, spicy and refreshing, and never tired of eating.

3. Guoyouhuang Streaky Pork (鼓油皇五花肉)

The whole color of the pork is red and bright, salty and sweet, fat is not rotten, fat and not greasy, old and young, unique flavor.

4. Yizun Liquor (彝樽酒)

Yizun Liquor is the product of Tuo'an Longtan Liquor Factory in Lufeng County. This wine is carefully brewed by the traditional folk craft of the Yi people and is a kind of exccellent liquor.

5. Lufeng Rice Vermicelli (禄丰米粉)

Lufeng Rice Vermicelli is made from white and delicate rice,cast walnut sauce,sprinkle with vegetable slice and chili oil.The whole vermincelli wrapped into a roll.Fine texture,sweet and sour.About 5 Yuan per roll.

Where to Eat in Lufeng County?

There are many special restaurants in Lufeng. We have listed some restaurants with good taste and beautiful environment for tourists.

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