Luliang County Dining

Luliang Food:In Luliang people mostly eat noodles, rice noodles as breakfast. And most the food is sweet, spicy.

1. Mayi Sanzi(麻依馓子): a kind of fried sweet with wheat flour,sesame as its materials.

2. Luliang Dark(陆良板鸭): with a long history of producting, it's made out of adult darks. 

3. Luliang Officers Package(陆良官兵饭): the Officers Package rice is mainly composed of rice, Muying soup, braised rot and radish sauerkraut. 

4. Luliang Fried potatoes(陆良薯条): after cutting the potatoes into pieces, to fry it and add salt, spicy and other materials to make it decilious. You can see the fried potatoes almost in every corner of Luliang county.

Luliang Fried potatoes Luliang Fried potatoes

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