Luoping County Administrative Divisions

Seven towns, three ethnic towns and three streets are under the jurisdiction of Luoping County: Banqiao Town(板桥镇), Fule Town(富乐镇), Mazhenjie Town(马镇街), A'gang Town(阿岗镇), Luoxiong Street(罗雄街道), Lashan Street(腊山街道), and Jiulong Street(九龙街道), Laochang Town(老厂乡), Zhongshan Town(钟山乡), Dashuijin Town(大水井),Buluge Buyi Ethnic Town(鲁布革布依民族乡), Jiuwuji Yi Ethnic Town(旧屋基彝民族乡), Changdi Buyi Ethnic Town(长底布依民族乡).