Luoping County Culture

Luoping is a wonderful county which there are many ethnic minorities live there and they live a harmonous life with the Han people. Luo Ping is a settlement of many ethnic groups in eastern Yunnan. There are 23 ethnic groups such as Han, Yi, Buyi, Miao and Hui. The ethnic minorities inhabited for generations include the Yi, Buyi, Miao and Hui ethnic groups. There are 12 ethnic groups (towns) in the county with ethnic minorities, which are relatively concentrated in the three ethnic townships of Lubuge, Jiuwuji and Changdi.

Ethnic town

There are 3 ethnic towns which are Buluge Buyi Ethnic Town(鲁布革布依民族乡), Jiuwuji Yi Ethnic Town(旧屋基彝民族乡) and Changdi Buyi Ethnic Town(长底布依民族乡).

Traditional ethnic village

There are two ethnic village, Fule Village of Fule Town and Lazhe Village of lubuge Town, which people can go there to have fun.


1.Rapeseed Flower Cultural Tourism Festival

Every year on the second day of the lunar calendar, the young people of Buyi, Shui, Zhuang and Qiang, near the Jiulong River, gather in this place to sing the songs, and there are some dances such as the unique style of weapon dance, lion dance, stilt dance and wild Mao dance.

2.Shuya Festival

"Shu Ya" is a Buyi language, meaning "woman." The "Shu Ya Festival" was derived from the traditional festival of the Buyi people, "Taste of the New Festival".