Luoping County Shopping

If you want to go shopping in Luoping county of Qujing, you can take some Luoping county local products. Luoping has specialties "three yellow" and "three white", namely: yellow ginger, honey, rapeseed oil, ginkgo, sweet potatoes, Baihe. There are also hookah, embroidery, batik, colored flower rice, bamboo crafts, Buyi Costumes, which are favored by tourists. And peole can get them in some local shops and markets.

1.Spicy Chicken Noodle

Spicy Chicken Noodle used spicy chicken Zaozi as ingredient of noodle, which is delicious and convenient. The spicy chicken Zaozi could eat for 3 to 5 days, and it can keep for half a month.

2.Yellow Ginger

Luoping yellow ginger is fine in quality with high oil content, bright color and strong flavor. It is known for stout, plump, abundance juice, bright color and flavor in the United States. As early as 1958, it has become export commodities.

3. Luoping Rapeseed Oil

Luoping Rapeseed Oil uses rich and pollution-free high-quality’s double-low rapeseed as raw material. It uses traditional processing system and a unique combination of modern technology. The oil is clear with unique flavor. It is the real nature of pure, delicious and high quality pollution-free products.

4. Luoping Canola Flower Honey

Luoping Canola Flower Honey: There are many farmers at the canola fields selling honey, which is about 15 yuan / kg. Honey has the effect of longevity, detoxification, dryness and other effects. Luo canola flower honey has special canola flower aroma, the taste is sweet, slightly spicy, but canola flower honey is easily crystallized honey, it becomes milky white after crystallization, or fat-like crystals. It is warm, with function of reducing swelling.

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