Luquan County Shopping

When it comes to Luquan County's specialty, there are not only Saba Ham with unique flavor, but also Rosello Luoshen Flower. We list some specialties worth buying in Luquan County.

What to Buy in Songming County?

Saba Ham(撒坝火腿)

Saba Hamhas its special flavor and rose-red surface. It's a delicacy for people to eat.

Wood Grain Stone(木纹石)

The stone texture is delicate, russet and it has clear texture, smooth surface, moderate hardness, suitable for carving.

Rosello Luoshen Flower(瑰茄洛神花)

It has the functions of clearing heat, helping digestion, diuresis and edema, nourishing blood and activating blood, nourishing appearance and beauty, eliminating hangover.

Where to Buy?

Luquan Local Product Center(禄劝土特产产品中心) is located in the junction of Yongping Road and No.108 National Road.

Luquan Changsheng Local Product(禄劝昌盛土特产)is located in No.9 Yichengxinduo Housing Estate.

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