Lvchun County Administrative Divisions

As of January 2013, Lvchun County has jurisdiction over 1 town and 8 townships. It is further divided into 81 villages and 2 communities.

1 Town: Daxing Town大兴镇

8 Townships: Niukong Township牛孔乡, Dashuigou Township大水沟乡, Daheishan Township大黑山乡, Gekui Township戈奎乡, Sanmeng Township三猛乡, Qimaba Township骑马坝乡, Pinghe Township平河乡, Banpo Township半坡乡.

Ethnic Villages

Lagu Village(腊姑村) in Sanmeng Township, Lvchun County, Honghe

Gekui Village(戈奎村) in Gekui Township, Lvchun County, Honghe