Lvchun County Overview

Lvchun County overview is a relatively comprehensive introduction to Lvchun County. In this part, you will have a general understanding of Lvchun County.

Basic Information

• Full Name: Lvchun County

• Chinese Name: 绿春县

• Keywords: Hani Rice Terraces

• Location: Honghe Prefecture, Yunnan Province, China

• Area: 3096 square kilometers

• Population: 233,249

• Zip Code: 662500

• Area Code: 0873

Geographical location

Lvchun County is located in the south of Yunnan Province, between 101°48′-102°39′ east longitude and 22°33′-23°08′ north latitude. It borders Yuanyang County and Jinping County to the east, Honghe County to the north, Mojiang County to the northwest, Vietnam to southeast, and facing Jiangcheng County across the Lixianjiang River(李仙江) in the southwest. The boundary line is 153 kilometers. The length from east to west is 37.5 kilometers, the width from south to north is 60 kilometers, with the total area of 3096 square kilometers. It is 462 kilometers from Kunming, 270 kilometers from Mengzi.

The terrain is high in the middle, low on all sides, sloping gradually from northeast to southwest. The highest point is the main peak of Huanglianshan Mountain, 2637 meters above the sea level. The lowest point is the junction of Xiaoheijiang River and Lixianjiang River, 320 meters above the sea level. Elevation of mountainous area is usually around 1200-1500 meters.

Rivers in Lvchun County belong to Honghe river system. It main rivers include Lixainjiang river, Xiaoheijiang river, Mengman river, Zhama river, Mani river, Luomu river, Banbu river, Niukong river and Baina river.


Lvchun County belongs to subtropical mountain monsoon climate in the west of Yunnan Province. It is one of the typical humid and hot areas in Yunnan Province. Dry season is November to next April and rainy season is May to October. The annual average temperature is 16.6℃, and the frost-free season 340 days.

The Best Time to Visit Lvchun County

The best time to Visit Rice Terrace is November to next April. In this period, Lvchun county is in clear weather, various flowers are in blossom. 

Administrative divisions

Lvchun County has jurisdiction over 1 town and 8 townships: Daxing Town大兴镇, Gekui Township戈奎乡, Niukong Township牛孔乡, Dashuigou Township大水沟乡, Daheishan Township大黑山乡, Banpo Township半坡乡, Qimaba Township骑马坝乡, Sanmeng Township三猛乡, Pinghe Township平河乡.

Ethnic Groups

 There are Hani, Yi, Yao, Dai, Lahu and Han, etc, ethnic groups living in Lvchun County. Among them, minority population is 98.7% of registered population, Hani people make up 87.4% of total population. Ethnic festivals in Lvchun County include Grasshopper Catching (Zhuomazha) Festival, YangAna Festival, Kuzhazha Festival and so on.

Top Attractions

Lvchun County top attractions include Huanglianshan Mountain(黄连山) nature reserve, Lixian River(李仙江) tropical rainforest and Songbi stone forest karst cave(宋壁石林溶洞群), Hani ethnic minority museum, Dongyang Hani folk custom park(东仰哈尼族风情园), Lagu Village(腊姑村), Dongzhu Rice Terrace(侗侏梯田) and Lagu Hani Rice Terrace(腊姑哈尼梯田).


You have three ways to get in Lvchun County, long-distance bus, train and airplane. Non-stop long-distance buses are available, but non-stop train and airplane are not available since there are no railway station and airport. If you want to take train, you should transfer in Jianshui County or Mengzi City.

Recommended Hotels in Lvchun County

1. Yunti Hotel绿春云梯酒店

Address: Yingchun Road, Daxing Town, Lvchun County绿春县大兴镇迎春路

Tel: 0873-4333788

Starting Price: 183 CNY

2. Wenhui Hotel文辉大酒店

Address: Yingchun Road, Daxing Town, Lvchun County绿春县大兴镇迎春路

Tel: 0873-4225866

Starting Price: 60 CNY

3. Dongyang Hotel绿春东仰大酒店

Address: Yingchun Road, Daxing Town, Lvchun County绿春县大兴镇迎春路

Tel: 0873-4225988

Starting Price: 132 CNY

Local Specialty

Specialties in Lvchun County include Hani Baiwang, sour bamboo shoot boiled shell snail and Hani fermented soya bean, etc. They are special and delicious, which contributes to the unique Lvchun County Dining. In addition, Mayu Tea玛玉茶 in Lvchun County is well-known in Yunnan Province.


Lvchun County has a very long history. We will list a part of its history.

It is part of the Ailao area哀牢地 in ancient time. In Song dynasty, the period of Dali Country, it belonged to Xiushan Prefecture and Weichu Government Office. In the republic of China, it was administered by Yuanjiang County, Mojiang County, Jianshui County, Shiping County and Jinping County. In the early years of New China, it was under the jurisdiction of four counties, Jinping, Yuanyang, Honghe and Mojiang. On April 29th, 1995, Liucun Office, a county-level administrative organization, was set up. And on July 15th, 1958, Lvchun County was founded.

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