Lvchun County Dining

Specialties in Lvchun County include Hani Baiwang, sour bamboo shoot boiled shell snail and Hani fermented soya bean, etc. They are special and delicious, which contributes to the unique Lvchun County Dining

What to Eat in Lvchun County

1. Hani Baiwang哈尼白旺

Baiwang is a salad processed with raw and fresh animal blood. Lvchun Baiwang is a special delicacy in Lvchun county, which often appears on the festivals and banquets. All grown men of Hani people like this delicacy.

2. Sour Bamboo Shoot Boiled Shell Snail酸笋煮连壳螺蛳

Sour bamboo shoot is a pickle which is pickled with bamboo shoot by Hani people. The sour bamboo shoot cooks with fish and meat, especially with the shell snail, which has a special flavor.

3. Hani Fermented Soya Bean哈尼豆豉

Hani fermented soya bean is a special soy food of Hani people. The beans are often dark brown, sweet and appetizing.

4. Hani Bamboo Chicken哈尼竹筒鸡

Hani bamboo chicken, a traditional snack of Hani people, make use of bamboo for cooking. It has a long history, until today, ethnic minorities in Yunnan remain this traditional cooking method with bamboo.

5. Hani Sticky Rice Baba哈尼糯米粑粑

It is not only a sacred tribute of Hani people for worshiping the god, but also a precious present for visiting relatives and friends. You can see the food in every Hani festival.

Where to Eat in Lvchun County

1. Hani Flavor Restaurant哈尼风味饭庄

Address: Luowa Road, Daxing Town, Lvchun County绿春县大兴镇洛瓦路口

2. Gekui Beef Snacks戈奎牛肉小吃

Address: No.62, Workers’ Village, Lvchun County绿春县工人新村62号

Tel: 13577304441

More Restaurants in Lvchun County.

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